Separate your content with unique row separators designs Row Separators
Add entrance and exit animations on your containers Row Scroll Animations
Use 800+ Google fonts Google Fonts
Play a large video lightbox popup Video Lightbox New!
Count upward animation from zero Count Up New!
Add shadows on columns, images and buttons Shadows
Color your text with gradients Text Gradient
Add icons & buttons, choose from 12,000+ SVG vector icons SVG Icons
SVG draw outline entrance animation SVG Draw Animation New!
A cool animating text element, great for headings Text Effects
Add animations to elements and rows that play on hover Hover Animations
A container element that animates whatever you put in it CSS Animator
Mockup images, carousels or videos inside desktops or mobile devices Device Mockups
An image element with lots of unique hover effects Hero Boxes
A circular magnifying glass that users can drag around to view your images Image Loupe
Slide between two images to view before and after photos Before and After
Display images in an arrangement of isometric tiles Isometric Image Tiles
Smoother parallax, multiple parallaxes, up, down, left and right parallax Parallax Background
HD YouTube or Vimeo video backgrounds, change their opacity to add color Video Backgrounds
Let your background move or tilt with your mouse Hover Backgrounds
Cycle between different background colors and tint background images Color Cycle Backgrounds
Pick two colors to add a background gradient to your rows Background Gradient
Preview your changes live from the VC backend editor Backend Live Preview
Smoothens out the mousewheel to make page scrolling a better experience Smooth Mouse Scroll
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